Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Scranton's Musical Stars - Thomas L. Thomas

In March 1937, Thomas bested 57 contestants to become one of the youngest singers to receive a Metropolitan Opera contract. Speaking of the audition, he said, “Always in the past I’ve tried to live up to my training to keep calm in facing my audiences. While in the dressing room prior to the broadcast, I had no feeling of apprehension. Even when the time for my appearance finally arrived and I stepped on stage and saw the vast audience gathered in the studio, the greatest personalities in the Metropolitan Opera Company and of the music world, I still felt I was true to my training. But, when I faced the microphone and realized my family back home and all the friends who had given me so much encouragement were waiting expectantly at their radio sets to hear the outcome of this broadcast, I can assure you I felt an emotion that I had never experienced before and to describe it is beyond my accomplishment.”

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