Monday, December 12, 2011

Scranton's Musical Stars - Dominic Cossa

Dominic Cossa was born to opera-loving parents who had emigrated from Perugia, Italy. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Cossa settled in Jessup, Pennsylvania. As a child, Cossa remembered singing Italian songs and arias on evenings spent around the family piano. However, his vocal training came as a result of a childhood stammer. A speech therapist suggested that his parents sing questions, such as, “Will you have dinner?” and have him sing the reply, “Yes, I will.” According to Cossa, “I soon lost my stammer, but never my love for singing.”

A friend told Cossa that the Metropolitan Opera was holding regional auditions and suggested he try out. At that point, his study had consisted of some work with local voice teacher, Norbet Betti, in Jessup. Cossa entered the contest and placed third. He also attracted the attention of Anthony Marlowe, a Detroit teacher and former Met opera star. After three years with Marlowe, Cossa had unbelievable luck. While attending the New York wedding of a friend, he called the New York City Opera and asked for an audition. At its conclusion, he was offered a contract on the spot.

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