Tuesday, November 29, 2011


“From mining's glory days to That Championship Season, who would have known that Scranton was such a national hot-bed for performance and that its stages hosted so many giants? Thanks to Nancy McDonald, we all will! Packed with information, yet always an enjoyable and fascinating read."

-Alan Baker, The Choral Society of Northeast Pennsylvania

“Jack Benny and Mae West, vaudeville and big bands, stage plays and movie stars – to open this treasure of a book is to relive Scranton's entertainment scene from its heyday right up to modern times. With juicy details and magnificent photographs, Nancy McDonald captures a beloved aspect of the city's history.”

-Cheryl A. Kashuba, local historian & Scranton Times-Tribune columnist

“With incredible detail and occasional whimsy, Nancy McDonald brilliantly chronicles the range and high caliber of artists subjected to the unyielding scrutiny of the unique culture that was – and is – Scranton. Nancy demonstrates, with great pride, how Scranton is a footnote in the history of America’s performing arts.”

-Dr. Paulette Merchel, retired theater program director, Marywood University

"If You Can Play Scranton is a work that anyone who is interested in Scranton's entertainment history MUST read. Nancy McDonald has dedicated a lifetime to researching the topic and her work provides an excellent document of the amazing talent that has appeared here.”

-Mary Ann Moran Savakinus, director, Lackawanna Historical Society

“I found If You Can Play Scranton to be very informative and interesting. It's a great read for anyone with Pennsylvania roots."

-Karl Wegforth, president, Dunmore Historical Society

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